Winter’s Coming – 7 Tips to keep your heating working


It’s that time of year again!  And it’s exactly this time of year when your boiler decides not to work.  That’s usually because it’s been asleep for a few months and needs a bit of TLC.

If you switch it on and nothing happens or it’s just not doing what it should, here are some basic checks you can do yourself and a couple of tips to help:

1. If the heating is not coming on:

  • Have you turned the programmer on?
  • Have you turned the thermostat up?
  • Is it a wireless thermostat and it has lost the signal from the base unit?
  • Have you selected heating on the boiler?

2. If a radiator is not working check the TRV, remove and check the pin, it may be stuck down, after a full summer of it being in that position.

3. If a radiator is hot at the top and cold at the bottom, this indicates a dirty system. Think about a power-flush. This will remove magnetite and sludge and will improve the efficiency of the heating system and the boiler.

4. If the radiator is hot at the base and cold at the top, bleed it. Remember to then top up the pressure at the boiler (via the filling loop). This should be between 1-1.5 bar or in the grey/green area and not the red on some models.

5. Is your boiler still in warranty period, knowing this could save you money on an unnecessary call out fee. Most upper range and upper mid range are giving 5-7 years. This is maintained by annual servicing and is a condition.

6. If your pressure keeps dropping, ensure the engineer checks all radiators, pressure relief valve and any additions around the boiler, including the boiler. Monitor how long the drop occurs over, leak sealer may be an option.

7. Set the timer for your heating it is more economical.

BONUS TIP: So you can make sure your boiler DOESN’T break down in the first place call Veteran Plumbing & Heating for a system health check  – peace of mind for a flat rate of £75 – a bargain!  Call Callum on 07850 087373

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