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Testimonial for Beverley Corson >> Engineering Business Growth

My first meeting with Beverley was when she came as a visitor to our chapter from the Wimbledon Chapter.

I explained that I need some business guidance to develop branding, products, direction etc, but was strapped for cash and didn’t really know where to begin.

Beverley informed me that a potential grant is available from Merton Business Support Service but that the fund was finishing soon. She immediately contacted the fund manager. He agreed to see me but that I was the last.

The following week, all three of us met. Bev and I discussed beforehand what to say and what he would be expecting to hear from me.

The week after I was awarded a grant which covered half her costs!

She is not just a business coach, but looks at her clients as whole people and challenges them to examine what they want from life, family, relationships, friends etc as well as business goals.

This can be quite an emotional roller-coaster, but she is supportive, understanding and non-judgmental throughout.

Her coaching has so far inspired me and focused my direction in business and in personal life. She is a mine of knowledge and inspiration.

Beverley types up the session notes accurately and highlights where I have to go into more detail, clarify or do more research – this is my homework!! – This allows her to cover much more in a shorter period.

She has become a trusted friend and I believe her when she says all her clients are her friends. She has also introduced me to a wider networking circle outside the BNI and I have made business links through this as well.

Beverley is a conscientious, dedicated and meticulous individual providing an invaluable and often intangible service – I would recommend her to anyone wishing to develop their business and increase profit and client satisfaction. Bravo Beverley!