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Testimonial for Brigitte Halliday >> Indelible Creative

I needed some business cards redesigned with the new company address and a slight change of my job title. So I immediately thought of Brigitte as she is in my chapter and she often shows us examples of her work which are always very impressive.

She didn’t just jump in and say that she could do it, but took her time to discuss with me what changes I required and subtly suggested that I might be looking to update the style of the logo and font.

Basically, she was reading my mind! That is exactly what I wanted but felt uneasy at first in suggesting it as I had forked out a lot for the initial design concept and my budget was tight at this time.

Brigitte said that she would do a few different style and ideas, and that she would send them to me for review. She provided about six or seven ideas, even an idea of a font and style not to use as an example of bad graphic design.

Brigitte also discussed with me what she though the benefits were of each proof. She even took the trouble to make actual paper examples of the business cards so that I could really see what they would look like when sent to the printers, although it was just on paper and not card.

We talked at length about the designs and finally settled on this:

business-card-new-back-wimbledon-it business-card-new-front-wimbledon-it

I think the grey on the back helps the text to stick out. Also the updated design of the logo gives a more contemporary feel and professional touch to the previous design below:

business-card-old-back-wimbledon-it business-card-old-front-wimbledon-it

Brigitte was aware of budget constraints and I was pleasantly surprised when receiving the final bill.

Brigitte is conscientious, diligent in her work and if she finds the opportunity to cut design costs without affecting the quality of the work she is willing to pass the saving on.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Brigitte and her team and will hopefully work with her in the future on marketing material and branding.

Keep up the good work Brigitte – as I’m sure you will.

Stand Out Rebranding

Testimonial for Brigitte Halliday of  Indelible Creative

I am producing a range of Intellectual Property as part of the wider development of my business and asked Brigitte to design the first of my new brochures to be a model for all our written material.

After a short meeting it became clear that our whole Brand, though OK, needed refreshing with a more coherent and sophisticated ‘look’, to make it really remarkable.  So I commissioned Brigitte to design our new Brand Style.

And this is part of the Result!

Rebranding Julie Peel by Indelible Creative

New Brand Style for Julie Peel by Indelible Creative

Brigitte took what we already had, building on it, to create a look and feel which was at the same time fresh and exciting, and a natural progression from our existing style.  This means that we keep the recognition that we have already built, that clients are not presented with disconcerting disjunction and I can introduce the changes we are making in stages, as time and budget allow. 

Brigitte listened to what I wanted and created a Brand Style completely in keeping with our values, philosophy and aesthetic.  She has taken the elements I loved and turned them into so much more.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results and heartily recommend Brigitte’s professional insight and artistic talent to all of you who want to establish a clear identity and make your business really stand out from the crowd.

You can contact Brigitte at: brigitte@indeliblecreative.com and call her on: 020 7183 2023