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by Jonathan Treliving – New Leaf Distribution

Successful networkers will tell you that strong relationships equal results. BNI is the one place where you can earn the best return on relationships.

One-on-one meetings are like exercise: hard work but worth it! Joining a BNI chapter and not doing consistent one-on-ones is like becoming a member of a health club, but not going to the gym to exercise! It won’t do any good. You will not get the results you want.

Productive, results-oriented BNI members realize that one-on-one meetings with other BNI members are one of the best exercises you can do to maximize your BNI membership.

Let’s see how productive your one-on-one meetings are:

Are you learning how to give more referrals when you are on a one-on-one?

Do you discuss mostly personal information or business?

Do you walk away with a better understanding of how your BNI business partner operates their business?

Do you now feel comfortable enough with that person to pass them referrals?

Do you have the information to help them build their contact sphere within the chapter?

Did you schedule another meeting for follow up and accountability?

Make sure you find this information about your 1 to 1 partner and you will improve your ability to give referrals, and in return receive them.

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