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Great Visitors Day

It was so good to meet so many new faces at Balham Nightingale BNI this morning.  I hope we will see you all again soon Marina Peyton-Jones of the Daily PA; Morris Walkden of Wimbledon IT; Polly Hand, Chiropractor; Patrick from Chiro London in Tooting; Martin Life Coach; Lucinda Peyton-Jones Holistic HeathBNI_Balham_June14_byHakuba-85_1280

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder

BNI Nightingale Education Slot 

by Jonathan Treliving – New Leaf Distribution

There is an old proverb which I’m sure we all know. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” For all of us here on a Thursday morning, that does not apply!

What, ultimately, are the consequences of your absence without a sub standing in for you?

  • You are not here to network with the group before the meeting, so you have lost the opportunity to continue learning about your fellow chapter members
  • You are not present to listen to everybody else’s 60 second presentations, so therefore you are not up to speed on what specific referrals your fellow chapter members are looking for this week
  • You are not here to give your own 60 second presentation, so we don’t know what, specifically, you are looking for this week
  • You are not present to listen to the 10 minute presentation this week, which this week is given to us by the lovely Claire Powell
  • You are not here to receive referrals
  • You are not here to give referrals
  • And not only does the absence potentially affect the business of every other chapter member for this current week, you will also be restricted in your ability to source referrals for the following week. You have effectively broken your own momentum by not being here.

So, it would be fair to say every absence will have a knock on effect on at least two week’s business.

I’ve asked Claire for some statistics to determine the average value a referral in the Nightingale chapter has, so I’m going to risk offending the mathematically minded among you with my arithmetic. Up to the end of June there were 351 referrals passed in BNI Nightingale, which puts the mean average worth of each individual referral at £662.

Over the same period this chapter has experienced 24 absences, which means lost referrals. These missed referrals equate to £22,508 of business that was potentially lost from the chapter in the past 6 months.

Your presence matters. Be here for us, be here for yourself and the business will not be wasted. Thank you.