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Series A Roofing Ltd is a small local business that puts a large emphasis on the quality and finish of our product. Initially set up in 2007 as Series A Roofing, we were incorporated in 2010 and now operate as Series A Roofing Ltd. We're based in Sutton, Greater London but also take on work as far away as Sussex and even France.

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10 Minute Presentation – The Excitement of Flat Roofs

Thursday the 10th October was the day Stacy Walter, Director of Series A Roofing Ltd gave his riveting 10 minute presentation, with the main focus on everyone’s favourite subject FLAT ROOFS. Not only were people treated to an awe inspiring lecture on rubber membranes, but even saw a sample of Brazilian Martial: Capoeira…

Back to the flat roofs though. I’ve now been in the roofing industry for a decade, and have been working with standard materials that generations of roofers before me have also had the pleasure of using. It’s time to move with the times though (especially when it comes to flat roofs) Every home-owner knows of the potential issues they face when dealing with a standard flat roof system. Bituminous felts and other similar products are not UV-stable, and therefore lose their integrity over the years due our Great British weather. Introducing single ply systems!!!

Being an approved installer of a product called Rubberbond, I can honestly say this membrane is probably the best roofing material I’ve ever dealt with. It’s incredibly flexible. There aren’t many roofing materials that can expand by up to 300% before it’s even close to splitting. Members of BNI Balham were encouraged to work together to try to stretch the material to the point that it split, and fortunately there was nobody in the group strong enough to pull off this herculean task!!
The membrane is completely UV stable, and is also designed to withstand footfall traffic. Therefore it can be used on areas like roof terraces, service areas or just general flat roofs.

I won’t continue with all of the benefits of this wonderful membrane. But more details can be found at

Looking forward to the next presentation, whereby i’ll be completing a flat roof in 10 minutes using Rubberbond!!

Director, Series A Roofing Ltd

Flat Roof - Stanley Square