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Hi, I'm Mo and I am the founder of Wimbledon IT based in Colliers Wood, South West London. I have been in the IT industry for over 20 years and have worked in a variety of roles. I established Wimbledon IT in 2011 and have now grown to 3 full time employees and support a range of companies and home users throughout London and further afield. We support, maintain and configure all types of IT systems, including networks servers, PCs, Macs, Blackberry, Android and Linux devices. We also provide Voice over IP (VOIP) office systems and a range of Broadband products. We are passionate about the quality of our work and go the extra mile for our customers. Feel free to contact us to discuss any needs that you have or take advantage of our free infrastructure audit for 1 to 100 computers!

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Testimonial for Brigitte Halliday >> Indelible Creative

I needed some business cards redesigned with the new company address and a slight change of my job title. So I immediately thought of Brigitte as she is in my chapter and she often shows us examples of her work which are always very impressive.

She didn’t just jump in and say that she could do it, but took her time to discuss with me what changes I required and subtly suggested that I might be looking to update the style of the logo and font.

Basically, she was reading my mind! That is exactly what I wanted but felt uneasy at first in suggesting it as I had forked out a lot for the initial design concept and my budget was tight at this time.

Brigitte said that she would do a few different style and ideas, and that she would send them to me for review. She provided about six or seven ideas, even an idea of a font and style not to use as an example of bad graphic design.

Brigitte also discussed with me what she though the benefits were of each proof. She even took the trouble to make actual paper examples of the business cards so that I could really see what they would look like when sent to the printers, although it was just on paper and not card.

We talked at length about the designs and finally settled on this:

business-card-new-back-wimbledon-it business-card-new-front-wimbledon-it

I think the grey on the back helps the text to stick out. Also the updated design of the logo gives a more contemporary feel and professional touch to the previous design below:

business-card-old-back-wimbledon-it business-card-old-front-wimbledon-it

Brigitte was aware of budget constraints and I was pleasantly surprised when receiving the final bill.

Brigitte is conscientious, diligent in her work and if she finds the opportunity to cut design costs without affecting the quality of the work she is willing to pass the saving on.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Brigitte and her team and will hopefully work with her in the future on marketing material and branding.

Keep up the good work Brigitte – as I’m sure you will.

Testimonial for Beverley Corson >> Engineering Business Growth

My first meeting with Beverley was when she came as a visitor to our chapter from the Wimbledon Chapter.

I explained that I need some business guidance to develop branding, products, direction etc, but was strapped for cash and didn’t really know where to begin.

Beverley informed me that a potential grant is available from Merton Business Support Service but that the fund was finishing soon. She immediately contacted the fund manager. He agreed to see me but that I was the last.

The following week, all three of us met. Bev and I discussed beforehand what to say and what he would be expecting to hear from me.

The week after I was awarded a grant which covered half her costs!

She is not just a business coach, but looks at her clients as whole people and challenges them to examine what they want from life, family, relationships, friends etc as well as business goals.

This can be quite an emotional roller-coaster, but she is supportive, understanding and non-judgmental throughout.

Her coaching has so far inspired me and focused my direction in business and in personal life. She is a mine of knowledge and inspiration.

Beverley types up the session notes accurately and highlights where I have to go into more detail, clarify or do more research – this is my homework!! – This allows her to cover much more in a shorter period.

She has become a trusted friend and I believe her when she says all her clients are her friends. She has also introduced me to a wider networking circle outside the BNI and I have made business links through this as well.

Beverley is a conscientious, dedicated and meticulous individual providing an invaluable and often intangible service – I would recommend her to anyone wishing to develop their business and increase profit and client satisfaction. Bravo Beverley!

Wimbledon IT – Transparent, Trustworthy & Friendly IT & Telecoms Services From Your Local Supplier

Wimbledon IT Ltd

Wimbledon IT Ltd

Our first entry on the BNI Balham website!!

I’m Morris, the director and head technician at Wimbledon IT. I have been in the IT industry for over 20 year in a variety of roles so understand business needs over a wide sector of industries with differing needs, aims and budgets.

We are based in Colliers Wood and provide support, maintenance, configuration of all IT systems and we also supply Voice over IP (VOIP) telephone and ADSL/Fiber broadband services.

We have grown this year from one full-time person and a part-time member of staff to two full time and about to take on our third full-time employee and look to grow even more this year.

As owner, I implement a strict code of ethics with my employees which I enforce. I believe passionately in trust, transparency and openness between all parties. My staff with me and all my staff, including myself, with my customers. This, I have found, is the best way to succeed internally and to grow our client base. I’m sure you would agree!

Please feel free to discuss your IT needs with us either by phone on 0845 838 1356 or 0203 846 8022 or email me at

You may also be interested in our website at or our Blog at where you will find some helpful information, is you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please subscribe on our website at on the right-hand side you will see the sign up for Subscribe to Offers & Newsletter


Morris Walkden, Managing Director