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About Julie Peel

I am a jewellery designer. I specialise in Bespoke Rings using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones and I am a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. My clients want something different and of personal significance to them, so I design unique pieces and source unusual precious stones for my ring designs. I offer personal design consultations in Central London, and Surrey, but also by Skype and other media.

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Testimonial for Des Kelly and TCL Chartered Surveyors

I’m currently in the process of buying a new property to develop into 2 flats, and as part of the purchase I needed a full survey to be completed as the property is in a poor state of repair.

I decided to use Des Kelly from TCL Chartered Surveyor’s, as he is a fellow BNI member and came highly recommended by other members of the chapter.

From initial quotation to completion of the survey report Des was extremely thorough and highly professional. Providing me with a detailed written report leaving me with full confidence that I was making a sound investment in the property I had chosen. The pricing of the survey is also extremely competitive.

It’s clear that Des is extremely knowledgeable of every aspect of Building Surveying and has also been helpful in providing me with further advice on party wall matters.

I would happily recommend TCL Chartered Surveyors to anyone that might be looking for such services and will definitely be contacting Des again to assist in the up and coming party wall matters of my own project.

Testimonial for Pierre Fourie of FincIT

This is a testimonial for Pierre for the help that he has given me in repairing my laptop which started to go wrong about three weeks ago.

I thought mistakenly that the machine was infected with a virus, but it became apparent that the hard drive was broken and could not be repaired. Although I had backed up my vital client and business files it looked as if I had lost a lot of important data.

Pierre sourced a replacement hard drive and fitted it. However, the work had only just begun, because Pierre painstakingly extracted the data from the old hard drive and replaced it where he could on the new one.

My repaired computer is faster than the original and after another week I’ve got most of the programs that I sourced, back onto the machine, and using my back up facility my computer is as good as new if not better.

I thoroughly recommend the services of Finc IT and Pierre in particular, for his expertise, his patience and his friendly reassurance which was so important to me when I thought I had lost everything. Thanks again Pierre.

With best wishes

David Thompson

Get Your Brand Noticed!


Brigitte has done a brilliant job of refreshing my entire brand.

We began with the overall brand ‘feel’ and ‘look’ and produced some really smart brochures.  The next stage was to get all my social media banners in line with the new brand statement.

Face Book 2

I started off doing a couple myself, and they looked OK, but were just not quite on the money.  It was also taking ages because each of the different social media platforms have their own format and it meant moving things around and changing the text and images …

I’m not a graphic designer and I was wasting too much time trying to get it right.

So I handed the brief over to Brigitte who gave me a couple of options she knew I would like, I chose my preferred look, and she pulled it all together across all my social media platforms.

Now I have one recognisable branded look and they are all sending the same classy image.

If you are going to do social media, do it well and get Brigitte to make it work for you visually.


Saving Lots of Money on Household Expenditure


My fixed term energy contract recently came to and end and I began looking around for new deals on the usual websites including Uswitch and Moneysupermarket, and found some deals that would give me a small saving on my annual expenditure for gas and electricity.

I then spoke to Karl Greenhill of Utilities Warehouse and he suggested we sit down and go through what they could offer.

It took about half an hour for us to discuss the services I currently have and how much I spend a month for Karl to provide me with a package incorporating Gas, Electricity, broadband, home phone and mobile phone.

I have in the past been quite diligent at regularly swapping suppliers of my home utilities to ensure I got the best deals going, yet despite this Utilities Warehouse were able to arrange a package under which my monthly outgoing were reduced by around 25%.

Utility W1

I am usually somewhat of a sceptic when such arrangements seem to good to be true, but in a matter of minutes Karl was able to sign me up and Utilities Warehouse made all of the necessary arrangements for my utilities to switch over automatically.

Two weeks later my gas electricity home phone broadband and mobile phone are all now switched over and the savings have started.

As well as the reduced bills I am able to get cash back in household purchases, holidays and other expenditure that at the end of each month get applied to my utilities bill further reducing the actual bill, giving further savings.

I have been very pleased with the consultation with Karl and the ease with which I moved everything over, and am over the moon with the savings I’ve made and continue to make.

I would highly recommend Karl as Utilities Warehouse to my friends family colleagues and BNI partners alike.

Remember, if you’re not with the Purple Pig, your bills are too big!!                                     EMAIL for more information

Utility W 3

Great New Roof in Balham Conservation Area

For Stacy Walter, Series A Roofing Ltd –

from Julie Peel


burnbury road

We live in a late Victorian  top floor maisonette on the Hyde Farm Estate in Balham.  We are in a Conservation Area and the roof has not been replaced since it was built in 1902.  It was in a very poor state of repair and would not have lasted another winter so replacing it when converting the loft was essential.

As a conservation area, the new slate roof had to be in keeping with the building’s period and conservation restrictions, as well as the latest regulations governing roofs.  This was not a straightforward brief, made more challenging by negotiations with neighbours on whose land the scaffolding had to be erected, and some poor weather.

Stacy worked closely with our builder to make sure all ran as smoothly as possible, and alternatives were found to satisfy regulations while maintaining the clean roof line we wanted and conserving some original features.  He also came up with an excellent solution to level changes where our new roof meets a neighbour’s 1902 roof, constructed under very different conditions.

Stacy’s team were great, we hardly knew they were there, and they worked long days to get the project finished.  The lead work on the dormers is beautifully detailed (with mitred corners no less) and the quality of the finished roof is excellent.  The final finishing touch is the hand cut fish-scale slates on the pitched and hipped roof over the front bay.  This required very particular skill and there are very few new roofs on the estate where this feature has been reinstated.

Replacing period roofs is not a simple proposition and I have no hesitation at all in recommending Series A Roofing for whatever challenging domestic roofing project you might be undertaking.

To Contact Stacy email him at

Winter’s Coming – 7 Tips to keep your heating working


It’s that time of year again!  And it’s exactly this time of year when your boiler decides not to work.  That’s usually because it’s been asleep for a few months and needs a bit of TLC.

If you switch it on and nothing happens or it’s just not doing what it should, here are some basic checks you can do yourself and a couple of tips to help:

1. If the heating is not coming on:

  • Have you turned the programmer on?
  • Have you turned the thermostat up?
  • Is it a wireless thermostat and it has lost the signal from the base unit?
  • Have you selected heating on the boiler?

2. If a radiator is not working check the TRV, remove and check the pin, it may be stuck down, after a full summer of it being in that position.

3. If a radiator is hot at the top and cold at the bottom, this indicates a dirty system. Think about a power-flush. This will remove magnetite and sludge and will improve the efficiency of the heating system and the boiler.

4. If the radiator is hot at the base and cold at the top, bleed it. Remember to then top up the pressure at the boiler (via the filling loop). This should be between 1-1.5 bar or in the grey/green area and not the red on some models.

5. Is your boiler still in warranty period, knowing this could save you money on an unnecessary call out fee. Most upper range and upper mid range are giving 5-7 years. This is maintained by annual servicing and is a condition.

6. If your pressure keeps dropping, ensure the engineer checks all radiators, pressure relief valve and any additions around the boiler, including the boiler. Monitor how long the drop occurs over, leak sealer may be an option.

7. Set the timer for your heating it is more economical.

BONUS TIP: So you can make sure your boiler DOESN’T break down in the first place call Veteran Plumbing & Heating for a system health check  – peace of mind for a flat rate of £75 – a bargain!  Call Callum on 07850 087373

Fantastic Zumba in Balham

I would like to give Ashley Green a testimonial for his Zumba Classes

During the 21 day Challenge that we completed in the summer I had really enjoyed meeting the other people involved and many were attending Ashley’s Zumba classes, so I too signed up for a course of 10 classes and attended my first last week.

Held at the Bedford pub it was clearly a popular event as his regulars filled up the hall. The hour long session was high energy, action packed and really good fun and I couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew. Ashley kept everyone on their toes with a series of intricate Zumba routines. Just when you thought you had mastered a particular move it was immediately changed to a new one. That said Ashley has a great way of leading you into the next move so you don’t get completely lost, by the end of the session I was in the flow and full of energy.
I would recommend Ashley Green Fitness Zumba classes as a great way to stay fit and meet new people

Brigitte Halliday
Indelible Creative



empl0yment contracts

A BIG thank you for all of your hard work in assisting myself and my Associate Director in handling our first ever formal disciplinary procedure and subsequent hearings.

Having been in business for more than ten years we had not had to experience such a procedure before and of course under the strict employment laws we have in England & Wales it had to be carried out efficiently and effectively.

You were magnificent and acted in a truly professional manner. It was totally reassuring to have you by our side throughout this process.

I will have no hesitation whatsoever in personally recommending you to anyone who may be looking for employment services and/or advice.

Your hard work and support for me and my team was and still is, very much appreciated.

Nicholas Samuel MARLA MNAEA, Managing Director, Samuel Estates

Stand Out Rebranding

Testimonial for Brigitte Halliday of  Indelible Creative

I am producing a range of Intellectual Property as part of the wider development of my business and asked Brigitte to design the first of my new brochures to be a model for all our written material.

After a short meeting it became clear that our whole Brand, though OK, needed refreshing with a more coherent and sophisticated ‘look’, to make it really remarkable.  So I commissioned Brigitte to design our new Brand Style.

And this is part of the Result!

Rebranding Julie Peel by Indelible Creative

New Brand Style for Julie Peel by Indelible Creative

Brigitte took what we already had, building on it, to create a look and feel which was at the same time fresh and exciting, and a natural progression from our existing style.  This means that we keep the recognition that we have already built, that clients are not presented with disconcerting disjunction and I can introduce the changes we are making in stages, as time and budget allow. 

Brigitte listened to what I wanted and created a Brand Style completely in keeping with our values, philosophy and aesthetic.  She has taken the elements I loved and turned them into so much more.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results and heartily recommend Brigitte’s professional insight and artistic talent to all of you who want to establish a clear identity and make your business really stand out from the crowd.

You can contact Brigitte at: and call her on: 020 7183 2023


Absence does not make the heart grow fonder

BNI Nightingale Education Slot 

by Jonathan Treliving – New Leaf Distribution

There is an old proverb which I’m sure we all know. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” For all of us here on a Thursday morning, that does not apply!

What, ultimately, are the consequences of your absence without a sub standing in for you?

  • You are not here to network with the group before the meeting, so you have lost the opportunity to continue learning about your fellow chapter members
  • You are not present to listen to everybody else’s 60 second presentations, so therefore you are not up to speed on what specific referrals your fellow chapter members are looking for this week
  • You are not here to give your own 60 second presentation, so we don’t know what, specifically, you are looking for this week
  • You are not present to listen to the 10 minute presentation this week, which this week is given to us by the lovely Claire Powell
  • You are not here to receive referrals
  • You are not here to give referrals
  • And not only does the absence potentially affect the business of every other chapter member for this current week, you will also be restricted in your ability to source referrals for the following week. You have effectively broken your own momentum by not being here.

So, it would be fair to say every absence will have a knock on effect on at least two week’s business.

I’ve asked Claire for some statistics to determine the average value a referral in the Nightingale chapter has, so I’m going to risk offending the mathematically minded among you with my arithmetic. Up to the end of June there were 351 referrals passed in BNI Nightingale, which puts the mean average worth of each individual referral at £662.

Over the same period this chapter has experienced 24 absences, which means lost referrals. These missed referrals equate to £22,508 of business that was potentially lost from the chapter in the past 6 months.

Your presence matters. Be here for us, be here for yourself and the business will not be wasted. Thank you.